Stabilized cinema for many modes


The System



Today there are many tools that "get the job done". For stabilized camera work, the gamut ranges from prosumer gimbals to high-end remote heads. What separates those two is time, quality, and cost. Utilizing the Shotover G1 System the benefits converge by providing an incredible shooting experience while still being cost-effective.

Integrated camera networking, lens control, power, and GPS-precise stabilization leaves a very short list of what's not capable with the Shotover G1. This well-engineered system allows for the gimbal to be mounted in a multitude of configurations without many changes required. Whether it's on an ATV, boat, rail, or cable system, the Shotover G1 can always adapt.


  • Shotover G1 System with Upgraded SDI Slip-Ring
  • Flowcine Black Arm Complete
  • Angenieux EZ1 & EZ2 Zoom Lenses
  • Preston MDR Integration
  • Wireless Monitoring and Power Options for distant use



The Team

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Matt conrad / owner & BOOKINGS, ICG600

rob pITtman /LEAD HEAD TECH & OP, ICG600



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